Motorcycles Helmet

Riding a bike can give you the sense of freedom that no automobile can provide. But it also brings more danger, so you always have to protect yourself with a decent motorcycles helmet. If you don’t want to waste your money, always choose the best one you can afford. Here are some tips.

Motorcycles Helmet

Every rider knows that a motorcycles helmet is an integral part of the riding gear. If you still doubt this, you will understand it as soon as you ride several miles in the rain or collect all the road dust on your hair. But, of course, the main purpose of the helmet is maintaining your safety.

When we are talking about safety, there are two common standards for helmets: DOT and Snell. The first one is like a necessary minimum for every motorcycles helmet, if you really want it to protect you in case of a serious impact. This standard is compulsory for all helmets sold in the United States. The Snell standards include more intensive tests, but it is a controversial question if they are needed for daily riding.

What kind of helmet to choose?

There are many types of helmets to suit different bikes, driving habits and styles. For example, here are the most popular variations:

There are also special motocross helmets, flip-up helmets or helmets for kids and women. A full face helmet gives you the highest level of safety, they are the ones used in competitions like MotoGP. It is the only one that protects your chin; also it is the most durable, since it has a closed, sturdy construction.

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Adult Motocross Helmet Gloves & Goggles ATV Dirt Bike Motorcycle

Our Newest Ultra High Quality DOT Rated Motocross Helmet # Meets or exceed Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards which means you are assured safety and compliance with motorcycle helmet laws. # Meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218) # Our most economical motorcycle helmet is loaded with features including: # Liner is easily removable and machine washable. # Fully vented helmet, with multiple vents running along the back of the helmet. # This is the perfect helmet for those looking for a high quality Motocross, on road, or atv helmet at an affordable price Excellent motorcycle helmet, sport bike helmet, scooter helmet, moped helmet Includes a deluxe drawstring fabric carrying bag SIZE CHART: Adult Small: 22 to 22 1/2 Adult Medium 22 ½ to 23 Adult Large 23 to 23 1/2 Adult X-Large 23 ½ to 24 Adult XXL 24 to 25
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Raider Open Face Helmet

This Open Face Helmet is perfect for your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile excursions. It features a full rubber bead trim and D-ring fasteners. This helmet comes with Snap off visor or if preferred, 3 snap flip shield or 5 snap fixed shield for your protection.
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Fox Racing Undertow Youth V1 MX/Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Destined for fame and glory, this Fox V1 Undertow Helmet can’t wait to win in the dynamic Undertow graphic. Offered exclusively on the V1 and complimenting the astounding quality of the matching 180/HC gear set, this helmet stands out as the best style and performance bang for your dollar.

  • Injection molded polycarbonate shell design provides style & function
  • Vent channels in the shell pull out moisture & heat
  • Integrated roost guard shields your face
  • Removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning
  • Meets Snell 2005 & DOT Certifications
  • 2012 Model

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HCI-100 Black Motorcycle / Scooter Half Helmet (Large)

Motorcycle Helmets – Motorcycle Half Helmet DOT 100 Solid Black. This is a 100 Series DOT motorcycle half helmet which is one of the lightest and smallest in the market. Approximate weight is 2 lb and this helmet measures 8.75 inches from ear to ear and 11.5 inches from front to back. The new EPS liner is only 1 inch thick. Made using 3 different shell sizes. Item: 100SolidBlack Color: Black DOT Certified: Yes This helmet meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 specifications by DOT. Half Helmet Features: Super Light Weight Fabric Helmet Bag and Owners Manual included Quality Plush Interior Removable visor Face Shield Compatible(Compatible with 100Shield)

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GLX Helmets Blue Flame XX-Large Motorcycle Half Helmet

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